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Greetings NCTMA Board, Members and Guests!

This year’s Schedule recap:


     September 22, 2022 - virtual Tee-off full day

October 18, 2022 - virtual meeting

December 8, 2022 - virtual meeting

February 21, 2023 - meeting (TBD)

March 15, 2023 - Treasury Innovation National Symposium 3.0 (in partnership with TMA of New York and other chapters)

April 21, 2023 - meeting (TBD)

Networking Roundtables: November 15, January 24

May 2023 - Carolinas Cash Adventure, Myrtle Beach, SC

I would like to extend a very special thank you to Melissa Hylton who has done a phenomenal job as our President last program year. 

Your 2022 – 2023 Officers:

President                     Tanya Kuznetsova

Vice President              Vacant

Treasurer                     LeeAnn McDaniel

Membership                 Rhanita Robertson

Secretary                      Tyler Thurgood

I look forward to serving as your President in what I’m certain will be another successful program year! Please feel free to reach out to me for any reason, especially if you’re interested in serving as our VP this year.




If you have any questions, please e-mail:

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